Creatrice Mondial
waves of change

Riding the Waves of Change

By On December 14, 2015

Well hello there, readers. It’s been quiet around here lately, as you may have noticed. Quiet, but not abandoned. Nor forgotten. Since April 2013, Créatrice Mondial has been my personal space to… Read More


What It Means to Live with a Bag on Your Back

By On November 3, 2015

Everything we learn in school suddenly becomes clear and meaningful when we travel. It is fascinating how we can stand in awe looking at the same historical structure that put us to… Read More

how to pack
Travel Tips

How to Pack for Every Destination, in One Bag, Every Time

By On October 27, 2015

How many of you out there consider yourself to be a savvy packer? Able to whittle away that pile of things you want to bring, and narrow it down to the things… Read More

first class

Economy, Business or First-Class Flights: Is it Really Worth It?

By On October 20, 2015

“Have you ever them flown first class?” he asked me. My new boss was speaking of Virgin Atlantic, referring to a flight he was about to book on my behalf. Miami to… Read More


Just Go: How to Make Time to See The World

By On October 13, 2015

They say money makes the world go round. And in some ways, it does. It certainly provides a deciding factor in what we can and cannot do. But in reality, you can… Read More

Eat + Drink

A Taste of the East: Marlee’s Green Tea Whiskey

By On October 10, 2015

If you follow me on Instagram (which is where I’m mostly hanging out these days), you’ll know that I recently took a trip out to San Francisco. Every time I take a… Read More


The Benefits of Travel That Are Often Overlooked

By On September 24, 2015

While hopping from country to country is sure to make you more cultured, more educated and more confident — this is already expected. Undoubtedly, travel can truly change a person. It will… Read More

Eat + Drink

Monkey Rum: A Taste of the Caribbean

By On September 14, 2015

For those of you out there who know me best, you know I’m more likely to be found with a glass of wine in one hand than any sort of liquor. But,… Read More


Tales of Adventure: Sunset Sailing in Anguilla

By On September 8, 2015

Sailing is a sport I have much appreciation for, stemming mainly from the fact that I have absolutely no idea how to do it myself. I’m not completely inexperienced – I did… Read More