Tales of Adventure: Mykonos


In my first post about Greece, I mentioned the islands that we stopped at along the way over a ten day sailing trip. I also mentioned that Mykonos deserved a post all unto itself…

When I originally heard the word Mykonos it brought to mind the Fleet Foxes song of the same name – a soothing melody in which the lead singer Robin Pecknold sings “And you will go to Mykonos… with a vision of a gentle coast…“. Obviously we went to two completely different islands. I was there in May, some weeks before the main tourist season. Although the streets were less crowded and you could get into any restaurant you pleased without any wait, “gentle” is not a word I would use to describe this pleasure-loving place.

We knew we were in for a doozy when on our first night we rendezvoused in a lively establishment known as Jacki O Bar. We were just in time to catch the drag queen cabaret show of the evening. Apparently it’s considered one of the “not to be missed” attractions. We did have a fabulous time, dancing and mingling with the locals until the wee hours of the morning. I say wee on purpose, for our skipper was Irish, and we definitely picked up a few of his sayings and mannerism by the end of that night. So much for a “gentle” introduction.

IMG_9700     IMG_9684

Having gotten the itch out of our dancing feet the first night, we spent the rest of our days exploring the island. We chose to do this via four wheeler one day, as you do. The island is small, having just over 10,000 inhabitants, so we had no problem covering extensive ground. There are several beaches away from the port where our boat was docked, the most popular or notorious (depending on how you look at it) being Paradise and Super Paradise. Unfortunately it was still too chilly to don a skimpy bikini and sip cocktails with the beautiful people.


We had no problem hitting the sack early that night after all day out, and were rocked to a peaceful slumber by the sound and movement of the waves. Now that sounds a bit more like the song, right? We thought so too, until the morning. Turns out that while we were catching up on R&R, someone had decided that we would make an excellent target. Two members of our boat went out again that night, so those of us who were “responsible” left the cabin hatch unlocked so they could return without major issue. We had a major issue of another sort.

Our plank and that of the boat next to us had gone missing the night before. We didn’t think much of it, figured they just fell in the water. Ended up, someone had tried to board our boat the night before, but found our cabin and theirs locked so scampered off. The second night we weren’t so lucky, having been those considerate ship mates as I mentioned above. The second night we awoke with no plank again, and missing three ipods and two laptop computers. We had been pirated. How many people can say that? We never found who did it, or track down the perpetrators, but we did manage to locate our planks later on, washed up ashore about a mile or so down the road.

IMG_9708     Plank

Ahhh Mykonos, you kicked our butts, but we loved you for it. On our last evening there we took a stroll at sunset, went to our favorite restaurant Katerina’s Bar & Restaurant for one last glass of wine and moussaka, and laughed about the crazy things that happened on this “Hotel California” island. We were only there four days after all…