Little Creatures Brewery, Australia


There are a few refreshing activities that come to my mind on a hot, sunny day. Staying inside in the air conditioning for one, but where’s the fun in that. No, I prefer a nice dip in the pool, a shady spot in the park, with a nice pour of a cold beer in hand.

I discovered Little Creatures Brewery in Melbourne, on a balmy night at the tail end of summer. I fell in love. The Little Creatures Dining Hall on Brunswick Street was our first meeting spot, and quickly became a regular place for us. This is what kept me going all through the long, wet, cold Melbourne winter (I was in Australia, under the impression that it was always warm and sunny there… silly me. Of course they have winter as well!).

My enjoyment of this establishment prompted me to take a closer look at the brewery behind the restaurant. Here’s a bit of what I learned.



This brewery was founded by a group of friends with a passion for hoppy beers. This love affair (as they call it) began while traveling the northwest region of the United States, and through hard work and determination was converted into the Little Creatures brand. The first brew, Little Creatures Pale Ale, was introduced to Australia in the summer of 2000. Their goal was to produce excellent beer (obviously) in an environment that is friendly, approachable, and open to the public. You can read  more about their story here.

While starting out with a pale ale, these guys have expanded their offerings to include other beers as well. Any boy do they know their stuff. They are extremely involved, and interested in imparting their knowledge and sharing their passion with others. If you have any questions at all about the brewing process or wanted to learn more, they have provided detailed information on what goes into their beer and how it is made.

Their main brewery facilities are based in Western Australia, in a town called Fremantle. It is open for visitors, and has its own restaurant attached, complete with outdoor terrace. Below are images of this location. If you are ever in either place, I would definitely recommend checkout these places, and make sure to try their brews if and when you see them listed. You won’t be disappointed.

{Images courtesy of Little Creatures Brewery}