Paris in Winter


Paris in winter is a magical place. Enjoy the city tucked up in a cozy cafe, sipping coffee, watching the snow lightly dust the city streets and many parks. That lasts about a day, then it all begins to melt off, turn to brown slush, wet your freezing toes through your boots, and it begins to feel just a tad less romantic.

But it’s now summer, you say. Why Paris in winter? I am excited to say I have been a busy bee this week preparing for a holiday to France, leaving early next week! Starting in Paris, then down to Nice for a long weekend, over to Bordeaux for several more days before stopping back by Paris for the final long weekend before flying back home. I had visions of picnics by the Seine, catching up with friends for long, leisurely strolls through parks (I was fortunate enough to live there for 3 years, and so still know people there). Alas, the weather gods have decided that Europe will not have a summer this year, and I will be packing my winter coats and boots for my June in France. No matter.

Anyone with an intimate relationship with Paris knows she can be a fickle lady. A bit tempestuous, a bit dramatic, but always beautiful. I love this city, in spite of being originally from Florida where the sun shines constantly and the beach is a mere 15 minutes away by car. I was looking forward to a summer experience in France this year, but I’ll take whatever she throws at me, with a smile on my face. So Happy Friday once again, and I’ll be checked out, off the radar for the next two weeks. A toute à l’heure mes chéris!!