Vertigo and Moon Bar in Bangkok, Thailand


Welcome to Bangkok!! An aerial view at least. We spent a whirlwind 38 hours in this city before heading to the island of Koh Samui, so not too much time to properly explore. Believe me though, it was enough time to see some temples, ride in a tuk tuk (who took us to pretty much every jewelry store and tailor in town) and make a fabulous group of fellow American friends at our hotel bar. And that’s where the excitement began… Many cities are famous for particular establishments that you simply must visit. In Singapore you really should get a Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel (where the cocktail was created), in Paris you must see the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night, preferably while drinking champagne on the Champ des Mars, and in Bangkok, you have to go to the Banyan Tree Hotel and their 61st floor rooftop restaurant and bar. Stunning 360 degree views of the city, open air, and stylish surroundings… what’s not to love?



The menu here is more Western than Thai, so if you are looking for an authentic local meal, this is not the ticket. Signature dishes include roasted snow fish, Wagyu tenderloin, and rosemary scented oven roasted rack of lamb. Our newly formed group of comrades opted out of the dining experience in favor of a more traditional meal at a place recommended to us (I can’t for the life of me remember the name of it – this is what happens when I am not in charge of making the plans – sorry!). We decided impromptu to head to this bar for an after dinner drink and to take in the atmosphere. Be advised, there is a dress code. Smart casual, no athletic apparel, no torn clothing, and no backpacks. Long pants, closed shoes, and sleeves are a must for gentleman, and ladies can get away with pretty much anything other than denim shorts. And flip-flops… but if you run into this problem, they do offer some extremely fashionable clog-type shoes you may borrow for the evening. While I can’t comment on the quality of the food or service in the restaurant portion, I can say that it was 100% worth it to pay a little extra for a glass of wine just to be on the very top of one of the tallest buildings in Bangkok. The air was fresh, and much cooler than the humid, sticky cloud that hangs around street-level in June. It was not so crowded as to be uncomfortable, but had a decent amount of patrons and very friendly bar service. It didn’t even bother me that we were so high up, and I am deathly afraid of heights (for those of you who can sympathize with the true meaning of vertigo, don’t worry, it was fine, and I hate even 4th floor balconies). It was a fabulous night shared with new friends in a fabulous city. It didn’t hurt that one of them looked a bit like Bruce Willis, and we didn’t do a thing to disabuse people of this notion…




  • Looks like an incredible view! But when I make it to Thailand one of these days I’m sure there is no way I could ever convince Lionel to go this bar. His fear of heights is so bad I wouldn’t even be able to convince him to enter the building!

    • Oh believe me, I am so afraid of heights I have problem climbing over chain link fences without fear of falling on my face once I’m at the top… it’s about the same as being at the top of Printemps – there’s sort of a ledge on the side of the building, so the railing of the bar area doesn’t go straight to a steep drop, in the spot we were anyways. 🙂

  • I’ll make sure I go here next time i’m in Bangkok, it looks gorgeous! And you know I love rooftop bars :).

    • You definitely should! Nothing like a good rooftop on a warm night! 🙂