Luxury Under the Tuscan Sun


Oh look, an Italian villa for rent! How unique!! Yeah not really, but does anyone recognize this particular building? Any Diane Lane fans out there? If you guessed, hats off to you! This is the villa used in the based on a true story movie “Under the Tuscan Sun“, in which Diane Lane’s character spontaneously decides to buy a crumbling Italian villa, renovate it, and live there forever. Doesn’t that sound lovely…

While the circumstances under which this decidedly expensive retail therapy purchase were less than happy, the outcome turned out unanimously in her favor. Lucky for us, we can do more than merely dream of following in her footsteps… we can rent this place for ourselves!! That’s right, a bonafide Hollywood blockbuster filming location, available to the everyday person. If that’s not a reason to look into this further, maybe these photos of all your money can buy will help to convince you this is a good idea.



Those views!! All to yourself! Does it get any better than that? It sure does. Take a look at the inside. No evidence of a crumbling villa in need of some tender love and care here! This villa comes equipped with all the modern comforts and conveniences you could possibly wish for.




What a gorgeous color palette. I love the soft tones in contrast with the warmth of the tiles and wood elements. It helps maintain the “Tuscan” feel without feeling like it’s been over-done in keeping with a particular theme. The same atmosphere and attention to detail is applied to the comfortable bedrooms and modern bathrooms.

italian-villa-7    italian-villa-8

The grounds does include your own private swimming pool. I mean of course it does, that would be a deal breaker…


By now you are surely wondering, how much is this going to cost me? Well, it’s not cheap… but the good news is that it offers 10 bedrooms, and 10.5 bathrooms, with 10 of those being ensuite. That means that not only can you go, you can invite about 18 of your closest family and friends or whomever else you can gather to join you! There is a massive list of standard amenities offered. Bonus services such as pre-stocking, cooking classes, wine tastings, and even yoga and tai chi are available at an extra cost. But of course…

For more information on the property and how to request a booking (or just ogle at more pictures) please visit Italian Villas. It is located just outside the town of Cortona, in the heart of Tuscany. They offer plenty of other villas for rent as well, in various locations. This particular property is called Bramasole, but I’m sure you can refer to it as the “Under the Tuscan Sun House’. They probably get that all the time.

{Images via Italian Villa}

  • Theresa

    I think it would be a perfect spot for our family reunion!

    • Amy Lynne Hayes

      Wouldn’t it! I definitely had that in mind when I was researching places, and since Maggie studied in Cortona I thought that must be a sign this would be the perfect spot!

  • Omg!!! I can’t believe that! How awesome and beautiful. I loved that movie but I’d love to stay there even more!

    • Amy Lynne Hayes

      I loved that movie too! Always an excellent watch for a dark, rainy day, or any day for that matter! I had no idea you could actually rent the villa it was filmed in, but the movie nerd in me would LOVE to spend a week (or longer) here! Maybe an expat/travel blogger holiday? We could pretend we’d be getting some work done? 😉

  • Would love to see this villa in-person and also travel to Cortona, as I’ve been told it’s an Italian epicenter lately for jewelry and further study of the metal arts. Lovely photographs and post, Amy!

    • Amy Lynne Hayes

      Thank you!! My cousin studied one summer in Cortona as an artist, so I don’t doubt that the creative industries are a huge draw for this area! It’s a gorgeous, tiny town, set up on a hillside overlooking the valley towards the sea. You just can’t go wrong here! 🙂

  • family reunion. girls retreat. family vacation… I’d love swim around in that beautiful pool!

    • Amy Lynne Hayes

      Oh me too!! I can just imagine it, floating in the pool, a glass of wine in hand… Perfection!

  • oh my word! So beautiful! Such a perfect country kitchen. If only it was a little bit more affordable…

    • Amy Lynne Hayes

      Oh I know!! It would be a little difficult to gather enough people who were all free and able to go to Italy at the same time in order to make this place affordable. One can dream though!!