La Dolce Vita


Ahhh la dolce vita… the sweet life! How could you describe it any other way? Even I was drawn into the atmosphere, could almost feel the salty breeze in Cinque Terre and the warm sun on my face as I wrote this week. I relived the tastes and the complexity of some of the best Tuscan wines and the flavors of one of my favorite pasta dishes. Basically, I hit all 5 senses really without having to leave my computer desk… but I did find a fabulous villa for rent should I feel the need to pack up and head that way. How very tempting…

There’s something about that Mediterranean lifestyle that is so appealing. The pace slows down, the level of relaxation goes up, and schedules and time become more a suggestion than an actual requirement. Maybe that’s part of what makes this one of the most popular holiday regions in the world. No rushing around trying to squeeze every single obligation into every single day. If it doesn’t get done that very minute, it will. Eventually.

I think one of the most important things you can take with you from this approach is the priority given to balance in life. There’s not a true “work until you die” mentality here. They work to live, not the other way around. Remembering this attitude and adopting some of it might be the very best souvenir you could ever possibly bring home with you. So tonight, in honor of our appreciation for Italian culture and all it holds dear, go outside on a terrace, watch the sun go down amongst friends both old and new, and have a glass of wine. Have two if you want. It’s the weekend after all. That list of things to do will still be there tomorrow, or Monday. It will get done. Eventually.

  • Love this post! And totally agree – Italians know how to enjoy la dolce vita. There isn’t the same focus on materialism and the narrow definition of success that defines much of the rest of the world. Though, as my partner likes to remind me, this attitude can wreck havoc with your life if you’re trying to get anything done in Italy, be it organise a wedding, get renovations completed or just putting through a visa! Pros and cons, but for us holidayers, we only have to deal with the plus side!

    • Amy Lynne Hayes

      Yay for being a holidayer!! It was the same in France – even something so seemingly simple as opening a bank account or changing your address becomes an entire ordeal requiring multiple hoops to jump through. But no need to worry about that when on vacation! You get the best of both worlds!

  • Just returning from vacation, I have taken this approach for the last two weeks and it has prompted me to make this more of a daily practice instead of an annual retreat. Although it is not Friday when I write this, no worries. Friday is just the name of a day. Every Monday can be like a Friday if we choose to make it so. Thanks for the refreshing return to civilization after a backcountry mountain vacation 😉

    • Amy Lynne Hayes

      Excellent!! Two weeks up in the mountains sounds amazing, and the perfect way to relax and put everything in perspective. Hope you had a wonderful time, and welcome back! 🙂