Boutique Hotels: Qbic Amsterdam

boutique hotels

“Do you smell that?” I asked. “I think it’s lavender. Smells like a spa!” My friend and travel partner, Maggie, and I were walking down the hallway to our room. Not what I expected from this über contemporary atmosphere. But then, no detail had been left to chance.

Boutique hotels around the world are stepping up their game, and the Qbic Hotel in Amsterdam is no exception. The hip low-cost hotel design company has taken their concept to the next level. Starting with the scented mist perfuming the corridors. And for a steal of a price – rooms start at just 69 euros per night.

boutique hotels

Upon arriving, Maggie and I were greeted by an interior far exceeding our expectations for a budget accommodation. Too often “boutique hotels” conjures up images of exorbitant prices and tiny spaces. Nether is true of Qbic. The lobby was an open concept, eclectic mix of materials that enhanced its image of hip and ahead of the times. Check-in is handled through a self-service kiosk. Much like self check-in at the airport. That machine spits out your boarding pass, this one your room key. If you really felt the urge to weild a pen and sign something, the mannequin propped up against the wood provided a perfect canvas.

So far, so impressed. Even more so when we discovered the, again, self-service Grab & Go snack area. Complete with homemade goods from local eateries, and a vending machine stocked with all sorts of goodies. And I mean all sorts. Food items, beverages, toothpaste, a necktie. Whatever you may need, Qbic’s got you covered. They even have a cool little touchscreen kiosk on which you can look up gourmet restaurants and happening events around town. How cool is that?

The rooms were even more special. They are called Cubi, tying into the concept of the hotel name. These pod-like spaces included every modern luxury you could possibly want. A handmade bed, Philippe Starck bathroom elements, LCD television, a safe, and high speed internet. Fabulous décor, and even more fabulous lighting.

boutique hotels

boutique hotels

boutique hotels

At this point I doubt you’ll need anymore convincing that this is the place to stay for your Amsterdam holiday. So now I’ll give you the details.

Qbic Hotel Amsterdam is located in the World Trade Center, right next to the Station Zuid. This means you will need to take a short tram or train ride into the city center. A minor trade-off for the luxury accommodation at a budget accommodation price. For the tram, use line 5. This line will take you right through the heart of the city, through Leidseplein to Central Station. For both train and tram, the stop for the hotel is called Station Zuid.

The official address for the hotel is: Qbic Design Hotel Amsterdam WTC   Mathijs Vermeulenpad 1, 1077 XX  Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Phone number: +31 43 321 1111

Make on-line bookings here.

As I said, it’s just outside the main city center, but you are by no means out in the sticks. The WTC offers all sorts of amenities of its own, including restaurants, a supermarket, boutiques, a hairdresser, and a dry cleaner among other things. There is also a gym to which Qbic guests are welcome to use at a discount day rate of 10 euros. Yes, boutique hotels continue to gain momentum. And look for this group to do well. They have already opened a second location in London, and I am hoping to see more pop up in the near future. Fingers crossed.

{Images via Qbic Hotels}

  • Oh wow! I’ve never stayed in a place that looked so cool. I think the price is really good for such a funky place as well. Short tram rides are nothing!

    • I would definitely recommend staying here!! It’s clean, quiet, and generally caters to business people on trips rather than the usual run of backpackers and those only in Amsterdam to sample the “goods.” Altogether a really great experience, and would stay there again in a heart beat!!

  • It was AMAZING! And I mean that, all capital letters!! lol

  • Wow! I’m so impressed. I’ve used a “budget” place before in Germany that also had a self check-in kiosk and it was clean and basic but nothing like this! And nothing I would call nice! I pinned this yesterday so I can hopefully see for myself soon!

    • Awesome! Thanks for that! I don’t even remember how we found this place in the first place, but I am solo glad we did. Next time I am in Amsterdam for a trip I am definitely staying here. I wouldn’t mind checking out the one in London too!