Domaine Chandon, Yarra Valley, Australia

domaine chandon

That mist covered the vineyards of one of the best French wineries in Australia. Yes, you heard me correctly. Domaine Chandon, located just outside Melbourne, is one of the international estates of well-known wine producer Moët & Chandon. In the 1960s, this highly successful maker of world-class sparkling wines started exploring locations to produce outside of France. The Yarra Valley, with its own illustrious wine history, just so happens to be the perfect spot. And I just so happened to be lucky enough to stop by for a visit.


We arrived on a pretty chilly morning. My toes were frozen in my boots… and we could’t see a thing due to the fog. Once that mist cleared however, this was the view we were greeted with. Rows upon rows of vines, luscious green grass, and mountains in the distance. I could get used to this!

domaine chandon

domaine chandon

See, we’re wearing jackets. The cooler climate of this region in Australia is what makes it suitable for the sparkling wine Domaine Chandon is famous for. The Australian estate uses the same grape varietals as those used in Champagne, France: chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier. They use the “méthode traditionelle,” to make the wine, which includes allowing it to age in the bottles for a minimum of 18 months. In the late 1990s, Domaine Chandon decided to take full advantage of the Yarra’s capacity for producing great wines and began offering still wines as well. Again the cool climate dictates the offerings. Domaine Chandon offers a chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and a pinot gris for the whites, one rosé, and a pinot noir and a shirz for the reds.

domaine chandon

As part of our tour, we were able to taste some of the wines and sample some of the food items they have for sale. We were certainly not disappointed on either front. The name Moët & Chandon is synonymous with quality if France, and this holds up 100% on their Domaine Chandon estate in Australia. I think the saddest part was when the plates were clean and the glasses empty…

domaine chandon

We visited 3 other vineyards that day, including Train Trak Winery, De Bortoli and Yering Station. We took a tour, as it was our first time out in this area and that way no one had to navigate, or drive. There are plenty of tour companies that operate out of Melbourne, and it’s worthwhile to do for the first excursion. The other option is to hire a driver, and plan your own itinerary. Domaine Chandon is approximately an hour by car from the Melbourne airport, located in the town of Coldstream. It makes for a perfect day trip, and a great place to buy souvenir bottles of wine. We certainly stocked up. They always says “quality over quantity,” and sometimes you’re fortunate enough to be allowed both.

  • We went to quite a few wineries in NZ, I’d love to do an Australian tour if I ever make it over there. For now I will have to settle on people to show me around on their blogs 🙂

    • I am seriously considering going to New Zealand on the working holiday visa sometime next year – definitely going to pick your brain before I go!! 🙂

      • DO IT! You won’t regret it 🙂

        • I’m thinking I might just have to! Where in New Zealand were you?

          • we were in Christchurch, but obviously it wouldn’t be the same now after the earthquake. If you are looking for paid work it might not be the best place to base now unfortunately as a friend who lives there says there aren’t a lot of jobs because they need to rebuild. Another friend lived in Auckland and really liked it, but I would have liked to live in Wellington for a while, it’s really funky and seemed fun when we visited. Those are just the main cities, there are so many nice smaller ones as well, it can just be hard to find jobs sometimes.

          • I was thinking Wellington myself. I guess it all depends on luck of the draw and where the jobs are though!

          • think of it this way, you can always move! Our plan was to spend a few months in each city, as temp jobs tend to be a plenty, but we fell in love with Christchurch and how easy it was to get everywhere else. Not to mention our amazing housemates.

          • That’s always what happens when you plan on being flexible! When you try to stay in one place, you end up having to move. When you go with the flow, it tends to work out. I’m just going to cast a wide net, see if I can gain any contacts before I go, and see what happens! It’s all part of the adventure. 🙂

  • Ah and that goes perfectly with your post today!! Loved the imagery you used to create the sensation of fall, in Florida. 🙂 This was indeed a memorable place, and quite popular for weddings we were told. Wouldn’t that be a fairytale setting? 🙂

  • You definitely should!! I haven’t been out to the Margaret River region, but honestly there was not a single area I went in Australia that I wouldn’t recommend. It is so beautiful over there. And so glad that you discovered my blog and enjoy it – that really means a lot to me! You have a lovely blog yourself, especially like the photographs from the Mills lawn post! 🙂

  • Casey

    So funny! We visited their Napa winery just last week!!!

    • Amazing!! I have never been to Napa – it’s on my list of places I must visit sooner rather than later!