Wine Humor

wine humor

I’ve been focused on wine a bit this week. As you may have heard, my 30th birthday was on Monday, and that gives cause for celebration. This means a trip to Total Wine, the BEST wine warehouse in the United States, and a glass of my favorite red (it is supposed to by autumn now). If you don’t have a Total Wine in your area, well… you poor thing. Bless your heart. It’s the largest wine store I have ever seen, and at discount prices because they can buy in bulk. It’s like Christmas walking in there… for adults. You will need a shopping cart, just saying.

The success of stores such as Total Wine, as well the popularity of visiting vineyards, made me reflect on the “wino” culture that has popped up. It might have always been there, and I just notice it now because I am older and can no long tolerate Pabst Blue Ribbons out of the can, no matter how cheap it is… sorry boys. There definitely seems to be some very dedicated wine fans out there though. And with that dedication to enjoying the finer points of life comes humor. A winning combination, eh? Here are a few of my favorite funny wine quote finds:

wine humor     wine humor

I get a laugh-out-loud giggle just about every time I come across these funnies. And because my parents know me so well, this was my birthday card…. again, keeping up with the times and the wine humor. I kind of love it.

wine humor

  • I used to have this awesome wine store in Vegas run by two great ladies. You could go in there and do a tasting every day. They have rewards for regular shoppers. They had cute boutique type items and they would help you find whatever you were looking for. I loved that place!

    • I love places like that! I used to have an Odd Bins just around the corner from my apartment in London. I loved stopping in there because the guys who worked there were so friendly, helpful. They definitely got to know me there! 🙂

  • Love all of these.

  • Haha I’m the same!! I know what I like, but I don’t know the correct terminology. If they start getting to technical on me, I just nod my head and keep sipping wine until I no longer care… lol

  • 1. I LOVE wine.
    2. Who doesn’t love wine funnies?!
    Forwarded this to all my wine loving pals 😉

    • How similar we are! lol. I have a whole arsenal of wine related ecards and such stored on my computer… might have to break them out and start posting them! 🙂