Bohemian Rhapsody with La Vie Boheme Jewelry


Bohemian (adj.) – having informal and avant-garde social habitsrhapsody (n.) – an effusively enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feeling

How stunning is that necklace. The intricate patterns, the pop of the turquoise beads, the combination of materials with the fur. A real show-stopper. It was created by Alice of La Vie Boheme Jewelry, a line consisting of entirely one-of-a-kind, limited edition, and custom-made pieces.


Alice originally trained as an architect before moving into the craft of making jewelry, with a few other stops along her creative path including fine arts, illustration and graphic design. Her background is evident in the structure of her work here, and the fine attention to detail (as any designer of any field can relate to). “La vie boheme” translates from French into “the bohemian life,” which is something Alice successfully infuses into her designs.

I am a bohemian at heart – an artist, a wonderer – attracted by the Bohemian counter-culture. This exotic and fascinated space, so colorful and noisy, home of an extraordinary gallery of poets, artists and musicians. Intellectuals embracing life as art, innovative spirits, rebels and vagabonds at heart which through their work and lifestyle created such an intimately rich place of retreat for generations to come. To me Bohemia is a perpetual Indian Summer of our souls. – Alice

She has certainly captured that essence of the free-spirited artist in her work.


Alice stumbled upon jewelry making by happy accident. Her daughter provided the inspiration by presenting a book on making friendship bracelets and asking her mother to make her one. And that, as they say, is all she wrote. Alice was hooked from then on, and eventually turned this seemingly little incident into a full-fledged handmade jewelry business.

Jewelry is my obsession. It is not however a toxic obsession but a rather nourishing one, as it awakens in me desire, passion, creativity and joy… This obsession put me on a path leading to the place of conception where my work materializes into intricate pieces of jewelry. This place is a poetic, vividly visual and authentic place, where Impulse, Instinct, Creativity and Intuition, ebb and flow, take turns, contend and concert and ultimately give way to Objects of Adornment glowing with Love. This love is at the center of my work, it motivates me, it helps me define my brand, develop new designs, expand the collection and along with creativity and intuition helps me shape and refine the personality of my ‘La Vie Boheme’ jewelry line.

Her love and passion for what she does is so clearly present in her work – the chance to wear one of these pieces is truly the chance to wear a part of the maker.


The major draw for these pieces (besides their obvious aesthetic appeal) is that they can be worn with anything. Throw a bit of personality to casual basics, or add some spice to your black cocktail dress ensemble. That’s the beauty of handmade: it goes with absolutely everything. And handmade of this quality, well that never runs the risk of gathering dust in the jewelry box.

So, if Bohemian refers to the style, and rhapsody refers to the creative process behind the designs, then this definition also holds true:

Beautiful (adj.) – La Vie Boheme Jewelry

To order a special piece of you own, please visit the website. Also, follow La Vie Boheme Jewelry on Pinterest to keep up with the latest designs and inspirations.

{Images courtesy of La Vie Boheme Jewelry}

*This post was brought to you by La Vie Boheme Jewelry. All opinions and thoughts stated are completely my own in order to provide the most honest, informative and beneficial review possible.

  • Wow….definitely unique! I’m not sure about the fur 🙂 but I love anything handmade and unique!

    • Haha and the fur is my favorite part! So many styles :). Her pieces are all really cool though – and the website has so many more options than I could reasonably picture here!

  • Jess Boyd

    I love that these pieces can turn a plain outfit into a conversation. They would be great conversation starters to wear to a party you don’t know many people at.

    • Wouldn’t they? They are definitely attention grabbers!! I just love the vibe of them – they’re so my style! 🙂