My Date with Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli

When the man comes around… every fashionista flocks. The world of Roberto Cavalli exists in a flurry of sexy style, wild animal prints and a rush of adoring fans. And free champagne… that’s my favorite part.

Last Wednesday, as part of a work gig, I was fortunate enough to attend a special event for Roberto Cavalli, complete with an appearance by the man himself. Tickets cost $100 each, but lucky little me made it in for free with my press pass.  And, as part of the media, I had a date with Cavalli. Just him, myself, and about 100 crazed fashion enthusiasts elbowing their way in on our private moment… The man is super talented, but what is it about celebrities that make otherwise normal human beings completely lose their sh*t?


Okay… Cavalli does make some absolutely amazing clothes. He has a great love for women, and wants them to feel “sexy and comfortable” when wearing his designs. I will say, the women in the crowd who were wearing his dresses did look fabulous. And, as part of the event, we were all privy to a show of his new spring collection. How fantastic is that? Cue the music, pop another bottle of champagne, and soak it all in.

Roberto-Cavalli-Show      Roberto-Cavalli-Show-2

The video was ever so kindly shared by a fellow media trooper Jen Stone, who is also the one interviewing Cavalli in the top photo. I tried to take video of my own, but I was jostled out of the way by yet another “adoring fan” trying to snag my spot. I think I’ll stick to the free champagne, thank you very much…

  • Any event with free champagne is an event worth attending, in my opinion! Looks like a fun, albeit rather hectic, night! 🙂

    • My sentiments exactly!! It did turn out to be quite a fun night, once the initial rush was over! His designs are truly stunning. 🙂

  • I don’t think I’m cut throat enough to be a journalist, I hate sharp elbows 🙂 Cool thing to go to though!

    • It was really incredible how pushy people were!! I definitely used strategic body positioning to try and keep people from cutting in front of me, although somewhat unsuccessfully… I was handing someone my phone for a photo with Cavalli when I was unceremoniously pushed out of the way! Cut throat for real!!