Europe City Breaks: Paris or Brussels?

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So you’ve heard of various European city breaks and want to book one… sounds simple enough. But how to decide where to go? Therein lies a great question. With so many fabulous and historic cities to choose from, how does one possibly decide? Often the criteria is to find cheap city breaks that won’t break the bank and are perfect for a weekend away. A touch of culture, a bit of fun. And, the good people of Marriott Hotels have an exciting new Paris versus Brussels project coming up, and are promoting the two cities by creating an interactive game. Given my previous Cheers, Madame! series with Selena of Oh, the places we will go! pitting Paris versus London, this new venture was right up my alley. Anyone who followed along with that knows I am Team Paris all the way, but Brussels can be quite tempting… they are known for chocolate after all!

Here is the game:

Paris vs Brussels Duel Destination – An interactive by the team at

It’s called the Marriott Duel Destination Widget, and is designed as a fun way to help you decide which city to visit.

Featuring the best Paris and Brussels attractions throughout, the widget will help you discover what kind of tourist you are; a foodie, art guru, night owl or classic tourist. Take the test now to reveal the best destination to suit you. –

The game explores all facets of both cities, from art to food to tourist hot spots. Complete with descriptions of your choices! Basically it asks “would you rather” type questions, with one answer representing each city. It’s quite amusing, and a very creative way to approach getting familiar with what the city breaks have to offer! Plus it’s pretty fun to sit and click through the answers and dream up imaginary trips to two of Europe’s most cultured cities… not an entirely bad way to spend an evening!


*This post was brought to you by Marriott Hotels. All opinions and thoughts stated are completely my own in order to provide the most honest, informative and beneficial review possible.

  • I got Brussels Foodie for life, haha. True I’m afraid! That’s a cute little test!

    • Isn’t it sort of fun? I have only been to Brussels once, and then only for a short time (minus the times I have passed through on the train!). I really would like to discover more of Belgium in general though! 🙂

      • We stayed for a few days and did a lot, but we found a whole new part the last day we were there with a palace, so I really want to go back. It’s such a nice place!

        • That makes it more than I have spent there! I visited once, but stayed at a friend’s place in the suburbs, and I had a massive cold so pretty much slept the whole time… must go back! 🙂

  • I got Paris. Good thing, because I just booked a 3-day weekend in Paris in January. I have another long weekend in February, and Brussels is on the short list of possibilities. Thanks for sharing this fun little game with us!

    • Awesome!! So lucky to be going to Paris! I have always heard good things about Belgium, Antwerp and Bruges in particular… 😉

  • Cute game and look at you getting reviews and such! I got Paris and honestly by the choices I had on that it does suit me better but I have to say I really love Brussels! I would go back to Brussels before Paris any day. Don’t hate me. 😉

    • Haha fair enough! I really liked Brussels when I was there, and it is smaller and more manageable. You just need a proper tour guide for Paris, then you’ll change your mind! 😉

      • Well you would make an excellent tour guide! Hurry up and get that visa stuff sorted. 😉

        • Haha on it!! I just need to set up shop as an entrepreneur, and then be self-employed I think and attack the visa that way… 😉

  • Food Booze & Baggage

    Ha got Foodie for Life Paris…which is true. We went to both in August Paris and Brussels and I enjoyed Paris so much over Brussels. I felt like Brussels was SO touristy…we had a good time but I would not be scrambling to go back. I liked Antwerp so much better over Brussels.

    • Awesome!! I have barely spent any time in Brussels, so I didn’t really get a real impression of the city. But, I absolutely love Paris, so that is hard to beat. Antwerp is on my list though! Side note, I LOVE the name Food Booze & Baggage!!! 🙂

      • Food Booze & Baggage

        Thanks Amy…sums me up pretty well 🙂 I also highly recommend Ghent in Belgium. It was amazing, the people were super friendly. It is small but still tons to do.

        • I’ll have to check it out one day! I admit I have really only passed through Belgium on my way to The Netherlands where I have friends, but it does deserve a proper visit of its own one of these days. 🙂