A Night at the Ritz-Carlton


A night at the Ritz-Carlton… a name synonymous with luxury and glamour. And an attention to detail so complete a guest’s every want or wish is anticipated and provided for before they even knew it was a want or wish. What’s not to love?

It’s not often that I have the opportunity to check in to this hotel standard trendsetter, but when I do, I sure do appreciate the experience. I mean, who doesn’t like being offered a glass of champagne upon arrival? For anyone who knows me, you know I never pass up an opportunity for complimentary champagne. And as an enthusiast for high quality design, I am rarely disappointed with my surroundings in any of the Ritz-Carlton hotels.



The photos above picture the bar and lobby of the Ritz-Carlton Downtown Atlanta, where I stayed during a recent trip. You can see by the bold decor and interior style that understated is not a word in the Ritz vocabulary. This particular location is an eclectic mix of modern sleek and the old leather and wood you would expect in a gentleman’s study, as seen in their restaurant the Atlanta Grill. The restaurant also happens to have a pretty fabulous balcony overlooking the buildings of downtown.

Ritz-Carlton-dining      Ritz-Carlton-dining-bar


You don’t have to be an overnight guests to enjoy the amenities though. The day spa services are available to anyone, and locations sometimes offer discounts to lure more people in their doors. For example, the Ritz-Carlton Orlando used to offer discounts on their spa services to Florida residents on Monday through Thursday. It was perfect for a girls’ day. And what’s to stop you from waltzing in and perching yourself at the luxe lounge to appreciate one of their finely crafted cocktails or a glass of wine. Makes for a perfect special night out. And that’s what they’re there for – to make the everyday special. So guys, don a suit and tie for an evening. And ladies, throw on those heels and your favorite dress, do up your hair and put on your favorite shade of lipstick. Walk up in there like you too belong. Because you do. So, from the Ritz-Carlton and I, santé – enjoy this life.

{Images via The Ritz-Carlton Atlanta}

  • That balcony area is so dreamy. I’ve always wanted to stay at the Ritz! *Sigh* maybe someday.

    • You so should!! For a special occasion, and keep an eye out for offers and packages! Their beds are so incredibly comfortable too. 🙂

  • Clarissa

    Love the beauty in the decor & artwork. Love the rich wood in the bar area. Just beautiful!

    • They did a fabulous job at this location! But then, I’ve never seen a Ritz I didn’t like… lol. 🙂

  • I am so jealous of you righ now! I want this! All of it.
    A trip here for dinner/the spa is going on the bucket list.

    • It is such a treat – you should try to do it to celebrate your recent engagement! Or a spa day right before the wedding… ;). Keep a lookout for special offers – those always help!

  • It is a fabulous place! 🙂

  • It looks like pure heaven….you had me at champagne.

    • Haha for real! Funny thing is I don’t often drink champagne, but I somehow have stumbled upon it for free twice now in one week! 😉

  • Emma

    This sounds like heaven to me, wonder if they do the same in London?

    • I’m sure they would have some sort of promotion going on! I never went inside the Ritz in London, although I walked by it about a million times lol. It’s a gorgeous place!!

  • Adria J. Cimino

    Looks and sounds wonderful!!