Book Review: Confessions of A Paris Party Girl


Move to Paris for a summer. Fall in love, first with the city, and then with a dazzling Frenchman. Sounds like a dream, right? For many of us, this is what it remains: a dream. But for one girl, this dream became her reality. Not that there weren’t a few roadblocks along the way. Including, but not limited to, that famous (or infamous) French bureaucracy…

American-born, Paris-based blogger and writer Vicki Lesage keeps it real in her debut novel Confessions of a Paris Party Girl. Written as a memoir of her first few years living in the City of Lights, she holds nothing back in recounting the process of turning this city from temporary stomping grounds to “real life” address. And she’s does it with truly hilarious flair.

Wine, romance, and French bureaucracy – the ups and downs of an American’s life in Paris. This laugh-out-loud memoir is almost too funny to be true!

 Drinking too much bubbly. Meeting sappy Frenchmen who have girlfriends or are creeps or both. Encountering problème after problème with French bureaucracy. When newly-single party girl Vicki moved to Paris, she was hoping to taste wine, stuff her face with croissants, and maybe fall in love.

 In her first book, this long-time blogger and semi-professional drinker recounts the ups and downs of her life in Paris. Full of sass, shamefully honest admissions, and situations that seem too absurd to be true, Vicki makes you feel as if you’re stumbling along the cobblestones with her.

 Will she find love? Will she learn to consume reasonable amounts of alcohol? Will the French administration ever cut her a break?

As a former expat resident of Paris, I found it only too easy to relate to many of the tales Lesage describes. Arriving at her first apartment, totally unsure of where she was actually supposed to be, and speaking too little French to properly ask (been there, done that). The difference between “original intended time” to spend in Paris (hers being 3 months, mine being 4) and the “actual time”(mine begin 3 years, hers 9, and counting). Finally making friends with other expats, and forming that special bond because you all face the same struggles finding your sense of belonging, and opening a damn bank account. The list of similarities go on and on. I felt like I was re-enacting my life and experiences in Paris through her words. I know the fondue place she is so fond of, and was familiar with her go-to bar, The Long Hop (mine was The Guillotine, pretty much right around the corner actually). It’s actually quite amazing our lives never overlapped there. Or maybe they did, and we just didn’t realize it.

While this book, as the name suggests, focuses solely on life in Paris, I think it recounts situations every expat faces. The feeling of being brand new, knowing no one, having to carve your own path in a culture completely unfamiliar. Lesage dealt with her fair share of struggles. She faced down the Big Bad Bureaucracy. And, in the end, she won. Hats off to you, girl.

Now that you’e dying to know what real life is like in Paris, you can purchase your behind-the-scenes guide through Amazon Kindle, and in paperback. You can also read more reviews about in on Goodreads. And if you want to catch up with the author herself, catch her on her blog, Vicki Lesage, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

{Image courtesy of Vicki Lesage}

*I received a copy of this novel for review at no cost. All opinions and thoughts stated are completely my own in order to provide the most honest, informative and beneficial review possible.

  • Amy, I wonder if we were just too buzzed off French wine to notice each other? Surely we crossed paths 🙂

    Thanks for the post – I hope your readers will find my book interesting!

    • Haha surely that must be it! The city’s not THAT big, after all. 😉 And you’re very welcome for the post – I really enjoyed your book and I hope others will as well!