i Light Marina Bay, Singapore


March is a balmy time of year in Singapore. Temperatures average in the high 80s during the day, mid-70s at night (fahrenheit). Perfect for spending your evenings outside.

And if you happen to be in Singapore in March, and feel inclined to go for a stroll, you might want to head towards the lights.

i Light Marina Bay is Asia’s only sustainable light art festival.  The 2014 festival featured 28 installations from artists around the world.



The artists are chosen by a curatorial team made up of 3 individuals – Ong Swee Hong, Andrew Lee, and Tai Lee Siang. Each have extensive knowledge and background in the creative fields, and work hard to use light to highlight the hyper-consumption that is so prominent in today’s society. Their vision is to create an environment in which the art inspires individuals to to engage and be the movers of positive change.


Visitors are encouraged to explore the grounds, taking in the atmosphere and participating in the various events. These include everything from guided tours (by boat as well) to stamp collections at each exhibit that can later be cashed in for prizes to yoga. There’s something to satisfy every whim on the full list of events.

Of course it wouldn’t be the foodie town of Singapore without plenty of food options! There’s Saveur, a gourmet festival filled with Michelin-star chefs from everywhere you could imagine. Or the popular market Pasarbella who “comes to town” for the event. Or Kerbside Gourmet for those who just LOVE the food truck movement. And there are beautiful area set up at which to eat these delicacies. All lit up fabulously, naturally.


And the very best part of all… it’s FREE!! For a city as notoriously expensive as Singapore, you can’t beat that offer. The inaugural festival was in 2010, and 2014 is the third installment. It goes on for roughly 3 weeks, and kicks off at 7:30 p.m., once the sky goes dark. It looks like an amazing, and meaningful, thing to do in southeast Asia. Read more about their sustainability initiatives and further fall in love with the culture these guys are bringing to the table. I don’t have any plans to be in Singapore anytime soon, but March may just be the perfect time of year to change that.

{Images by Choo Yut Shing}

  • Absolutely gorgeous – and I love the idea behind the festival! Art can be such a motivator for change!

    • Me too!! I love how art can bring people together, and the guys behind this have set up a pretty incredible event. I can’t believe this year’s was only the 3rd year! Hats off to them for pulling together something with so much international participation.

  • Laura

    Looks very cool! I still haven’t made it to Singapore, but it’s on my list!

    • I wish I had longer when I was there Laura! Alas, I only had a long layover, of which most was spent in the airport lol. It’s still on my list too! 🙂

  • Haha nothing beats free!! Especially here, where it’s pricier than you would originally think. Art + Marina Bay + Singapore + mild weather = perfection!! 🙂