Tenerife, the Other Spanish Island


“Hey, I’m going to a Spanish island. Want to come?” a friend asks.

In this hypothetical situation (although I am open to invitations) which island first comes to mind? The usual response: Ibiza.

But, did you know that there is another island, an island of beautiful villages, stunning landscapes, and beaches to rival any tropical locations? The “Island of Eternal Spring,” where over 5 million people make their holiday dreams a reality each year?


Tenerife, the largest island of the Canary Islands, and the most populated island in Spain, offers something for every desire.

I first heard of this island when friends of mine took a trans-atlantic cruise from Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale, where I would pick them up. These were close friends from Paris, who were moving to the States and decided to tack on a little “holiday” to the moving process. Originally they were supposed to stop in Portugal, but due to a strike of some sort those plans were altered. And the replacement stop was Tenerife.

After being entertained with tales of their adventures, including one in which a monkey jumped on my friend’s head, I was intrigued. How had I missed out on this fabulous destination while I had lived so close? Or closer than I was in Florida, anyways.


This always seems to happen to me. One only needs to look at my experience in Singapore to know that researching and planning is not my strong suit. It’s not my style.

But occasionally I do prefer to let someone else take over the reigns and plan my trip for me. Call it the ultimate holiday experience – having someone who is not you handle all the details, all the bookings, all the headache of the logistics. My only responsibility to is to show up, check in and then decide if I want a cocktail by the pool or on the beach first.

I did this when I sailed the Greek islands for 10 days. It was incredible. To be able to see 7 islands in that time without having to deal with ferries and hotels… amazing. If I were to ever visit Tenerife, I would want an easy holiday like that. I would take advantage of a well-established tour operator, First Choice for example, and use their expertise in the area to ensure I have the most relaxing holiday imaginable.


After spending an afternoon drooling over dreaming on their website, I’m tempted. Gorgeous spa and relaxation packages at places like the Marylanza Suites & Spa Resort and the Hotel Barceló Santiago, or the luxurious Hovima Hotel Costa Adeje.

Perhaps I should work in a pit stop on my way to New Zealand… any takers?

{Images by Pedro Szekely}

*This post is contributed by First Choice who specialize in holidays to Spain. All opinions and thoughts stated are completely my own in order to provide the most honest and beneficial information possible.

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  • Those pictures are gorgeous!! And the answer to visiting a Spanish isle should always be yes!

    • Aren’t they amazing?! Makes me really want to go visit this island!! I love Palma de Mallorca when I was there, but it was February so still a bit too cold for beaches. I wouldn’t mind heading back to another Spanish island one of these days! 🙂

  • I’ve always wanted to go there. I won’t be able to swing it on your way to New Zealand (though seriously, how awesome would it be to meet up in Tenerife?!?) but I’m keeping it on my radar…

    • Wouldn’t that be amazing!! I’m flying the other way to NZ, but I swear one of these days I’m just going to take my time getting from point A to point B and stop off in some of these destinations lol. One day… after I win the lottery of course. 😉

  • Haha you should go Robert!! You’re closer than any of us lol. And take loads of your fabulous photos!! 🙂

  • What a beautiful blog! Have just discovered via #SundayTraveler. Especially love your Manifesto!

    • Ah thank you so much Sarah!! I just launched the new design about a month ago, and I’m loving it. 🙂 Isn’t #SundayTraveler an amazing way to meet new friends? I’ve loved getting more involved with it and getting to know other blogs that way. I’m so intrigued by your work in the hotel and travel industry! Good on you too for traveling with kids – I don’t know how my parents managed with four of us! lol

      • Hey thanks! I’m crazy about hotels anywhere in the world, and it’s been fun to make a career out of it:)

        • Awesome. Congrats to you!! Looking forward to following along with your adventures! 🙂

  • Dave

    I’ve been to Tenerife four times and highly recommend it. I’ve always stayed in Santa Cruz and taken day trips around the island on the public transport. A really wonderful place. Let me know if you go, as I’ve got a good restaurant rec to pass on!

    • Ah so cool Dave!! I would love to go myself one day. If I make it that way I will definitely hit you up for recs. It looks like a gorgeous little island!

  • CarmensTravelTips

    My family is from Tenerife, and still lives there. It’s a beautiful island with lots to do and see. Most of your pictures were taken by Puerto de La Cruz. El Teide National Park is one of my favorite places to visit.

    • How cool!! I have yet to go myself, but I always love a good island escape. I would love to go one of these days – maybe next time I’m in Europe I’ll have to tack on a long weekend en route one way or the other. 🙂

  • It’s funny how, growing up in London, Tenerife actually had a bit of a reputation too. I think there were a lot of cheap holiday deals and resorts so loads of Brits would go and it was known as a little bit tacky. The same thing happened with some of the greek islands but that rep has thankfully changed and it looks lovely!

    • I’ve heard that the Canary Islands are sort of a hotspot for British tourists! Sort of like the Bahamas for Americans, and Bali for Australians. But, I also think they are popular for a reason, and as long as they are maintained and manage their tourism well this shouldn’t deter you. Glad to hear the reputation has improved! It does look like a lovely place to soak up some sunshine. 🙂

  • Christa Thompson

    Hello, on behalf of Christa, host of The Sunday Traveler, I was stopping by to check out your article ‘Tenerife, the Other Spanish Island’. I would have to agree, Tenerife does look like it would rival any tropical location. My husband is from Sweden and his family frequents the Canary Islands for Holiday. I can definitely relate to the idea of someone else doing all the planning and research, detail and bookings and what not. I haven’t checked it out yet but judging form the footnote at he bottom of your post I’m assuming that Vacations placed through First Choice are all inclusive? I love the 3rd picture down, It reminds me of the Northern areas in the United States due to the rocks and the way the waves break on the shoreline but the colors remind me of the tropics. I can see how Tenerife could offer a little something for everyone.

    • Hi Christa! Thanks for stopping by! My friends from Sweden and Norway are always on the lookout for a warmer destination, so I can see why your husband would appreciate the Canary Islands. There’s definitely something to be said for someone else sorting out the details of your trip as well. I’m not sure if First Choice is all inclusive, or if they just take care of booking flights and accommodations. It does look pretty fabulous there though!

  • Marissa Sutera

    What a beautiful place! Somewhere I have always wanted to visit. Glad to have found you on the #SundayTraveler!

    • Thank you Marissa! #SundayTraveler is a GREAT way to meet new travel blogging friends :). Tenerife looks amazing – I might have to take a trip there one of these days!