Top 5 Destinations Worth A Second Look

The first bite is a tease. It touches your lips, stays only fleetingly, and is gone before you realize just how good it really was. The outcome: an irresistible desire urging you to take a second bite, and maybe a third.

I’m not talking about cake here (although it certainly applies, cupcakes especially). I’m talking about the pull of a destination, the call of that little voice in your head that says one visit just wasn’t enough. You must go back. The only thing left in doubt it when.

So here it goes, my list of top 5 destinations absolutely worth a second look.

1. Tasmania

This little island off the southern coast of Australia is deceiving. In spite of its geographical small size, it’s filled to the brim with gorgeousness. Rugged coastlines, rainforest waterfalls, charming towns dotting the uncrowded highways… it has it all. I spent two days here  in March 2013, flying into Hobart and driving north to Launceston. We soaked in the views of Wine Glass Bay, stopped at a small cheese farm for afternoon tea, and attempted to visit the famous Bay of Fires (it was foggy – couldn’t see a thing). All in all, I discovered plenty of reasons to go back. (photo credit: Luke Zeme)

2. Bordeaux

One word: French. Second word: wine. Reason enough for me. I visited Bordeaux briefly in the summer of 2013 to visit friends. They had just moved to a nearby suburb, and were yet to get to know the city. We did plenty of exploring of the region, having an adventure at the Dune du Pilat and  wandering the crooked, narrow streets of Saint-Émilion. We only had one evening free to head into the city itself. Though I hardly scratched the surface, I fell in love immediately. It’s like a smaller, less hectic though equally beautiful Paris. I simply must get to know it better. (photo credit: Michael Maynard)

3. Santorini

Another place I barely passed through… sinful really. I stopped in Santorini briefly at the beginning and end of my Greek island sailing adventure. One night before we set out, and a meager few hours after we returned. No where near the sufficient amount of time this beautiful island deserves. I didn’t see any sights, or have a single meal. All I can say really is that I stepped foot on the island. If that’s not a reason to have to go back, I don’t know what is. (photo credit: Pedro Szekely)

4. Singapore

I seem to have a habit of passing through major destinations far too quickly. Singapore is another example. I spent a swift 15 hours  in Singapore once during a long layover, although that adventure didn’t exactly go as planned. I would love to see the city by night –  all the lights lit up over Marina Bay. Or have a swim in that famous rooftop pool. But the first thing on my Singapore bucket list: have a Singapore Sling at its founding location, the Raffles Hotel. (photo credit: Leonid Yaitsky)

5. Paris

I tried to stay away from “major” cities in this list, but no list is complete without the inclusion of Paris… my favorite city in the whole world. Even after having lived there for 3 years, I never get sick of it. It’s one place that I try to get back to as often as I can. I love staying in my old arrondissement (the 11th was my stomping grounds) and revisiting all of my regular haunts. It never gets old, and I doubt it ever will. If you’re curious about any of stories of Parisian adventure, or misadventure, visit the Paris archives. (photo credit: Rob Potvin)

I was kindly nominated by Anna of Slightly Astray to add my picks to the Booked.netTop Destinations to Go There campaign.

Where would you go back if given the chance?

I nominate Just Chuckin It!, Harri Travels, Pack Me to, The Way Round, and Pack Your Passport – good luck!

  • Harri Travels

    Thanks for the nomination Amy! By the way, LOVE your list. Have a tick by all but Tasmania! X

    • You’re welcome!! Have enjoyed interacting with you on Twitter, so wanted to spread the love! 🙂 And Tasmania… oh my goodness it’s beautiful!!! X

  • I just got back from Bordeaux last night and I couldn’t agree more! Already I’m wanting to go back! lol.

    • Haha what a coincidence!! I loved Bordeaux – it’s very high on my list of places to go for my next trip to Europe, whenever that is! lol

  • Yes, Paris! I stubbornly refused to return to that city while I was studying abroad and now that I’m back, I’m really regretting it! What would it have been like to wander Paris with a better command of the French language? Or just to wander to the sights that I hadn’t even been to yet? There’s so much to explore there! And yet, is there ever really ENOUGH time anywhere?

    • Haha exactly! There is NEVER enough time anywhere!! At least in those destinations you immediately fall in love with… and then contemplate ways to buy property and play local for the rest of your life lol. I love going back to Paris, but sometimes I have to skip it, otherwise I’d never have time to see anything else lol. What a problem to have though! 😉

  • Love these choices! Whenever I spend only a little bit of time in a place, I always want to go back and explore it more in depth. I haven’t been to any of these places, except for Paris, and sadly it didn’t make a good 1st impression on me (because I was just doing the touristy stuff). I would love to go back and explore it again, but this time more relaxed (which to me, means a lot of sitting in cafes!).

    • Thank you Anna! My first impression of Paris was okay, but I wouldn’t say that’s when I fell in love with the city. It can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to go, and don’t speak French! Sitting in a cafe, sipping wine and drinking coffee… that’s the real Paris. 🙂

  • Molly S

    Great choices – especially Paris! I go back there whenever I can, it’s becoming like home to me now. I’ve never been to Bordeaux, but I’d love to visit the vineyards.

    • Paris is always a good idea! 😉 And Bordeaux is lovely – I really need to get back while I have friends who live there. The wine country was gorgeous!! It would be so easy to get lost for weeks in exploring all the little towns between the vineyards. 🙂

  • Maria from Nerd Nomads

    I totally agree with Singapore, Paris and Santorini! Love those places! Have unfortunately never been to Tasmania or Bordeaux, but they seem like great places! Have always wanted to go to Tasmania.

    • Tasmania is sooo pretty!! We visited a wildlife sanctuary where we fed kangaroos and wombats, and saw the famous Tasmanian devils. The cities are charming and the countryside is gorgeous – I can’t recommend it enough. 🙂 Bordeaux is quite similar to Paris, but much smaller, cleaner, and more pedestrian friendly. I would go back to every one of these places any day, obviously lol.

  • I have not been to 1 and 4, but the rest of them I would absolutely agree with! (:

    • Haha then you must put them on your list!! Tasmania is amazing, and Singapore I think is a great jumping point for Southeast Asia. It’s an expat city, but I hear the food scene is great and of course there’s that infinity pool at the Marina Bay Sands… 😉

  • I think I would go back to France in general. I only spent one day in Lille and didn’t love it–but I think it deserves another chance!

    • I’ve never been to Lille! Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything about it either lol. France has so many charming little towns though, the entire country is re-visitible in my book! 🙂

  • I haven’t been to any of these places, sadly – but I certainly want to go!

    • There’s a string of these “Top 5 Places to Revisit” posts going live with the campaign, and it’s been a fantastic way to find places to add to my bucket list! 🙂

  • Lyn – A Hole in my Shoe

    Great read, I love the intro. I too love Singapore and Paris but have the others places still tucked safely on my to do list.

    • Thank you Lyn! It was a fun post to write – sort of like revisiting each destination in my mind. And yet there’s still so many more places on my list too! 🙂

  • mark and kate

    Tassie is an amazing place, one of the few places we would consider settling.

    • I would jump at the chance to go back to Tassie one day, especially to do more hiking! That landscape… so incredible!

  • Great choices, Amy. I’ve just visited Santorini and Paris from your list, but Tasmanis stands out definitely. Very interesting place.

    • Thank you Anda!! Tasmania is a gorgeous little island = tons of things to do, but small enough that it’s not overwhelming. You could quite happily spend a week or so there and feel like you’ve seen quite a bit, without feeling rushed. My favorite kind of place. 🙂

  • Christa Thompson

    Hi it’s Christa, host of the Sunday Traveler, I just wanted to pop in and say thanks for joining in on the fun! I think every little girls dreams of visiting Paris! I’ve never thought of a few destinations on this list though, I have research to do now. 🙂

    • Hello Christa! Thanks for popping by! Yes, Paris is certainly a dream destination. I absolutely love it there. I’ve been seeing plenty of these types of posts floating around for the campaign, and each one has a place I never would have thought of. Great way to add to the bucket list! 😉

  • I absolutely love Tasmania and I would give a lot to go through Santorini again. And I’m with you – Paris is a city I can never get enough of. It took me a while to warm up to it, but now that I GET it, it’s in my blood!

    • I knew there were multiple reasons we got along so well!! 😉 Paris does take a bit to really get into the bloodstream, but once it’s there, it’s there for life. And Santorini, and Tasmania… love them all. There are actually very few places I wouldn’t go back to if given the chance. 🙂

      • Same here! It’s so hard to walk the balance between revisiting old favorites because they’re calling to you and going out and experiencing all the new things you want to experience!

        • That’s exactly it!! Pretty soon we’ll have to travel full-time just to fit them all in! Not I would ever object to that, of course 😉

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  • All five are pretty amazing!! Glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂

  • Genevieve

    I completely agree with Paris & Santorini! I too was on a cruise when I visited Santorini, and while I did manage to squeeze in a meal (which I had to wolf down the last bits as we ran out of time), I missed the famous Santorini sunset and really didn’t have enough time to explore properly. Wouldn’t cruise there again, will definitely return for a few nights!

    As for Paris…There is never enough time! Hoping to move there in the next five years.

    • Ah Paris… there never is enough time indeed!! I could spend ages there and never tire of it. I’m still kicking myself for not allowing enough time to actually see Santorini – don’t know what I was thinking! Cruising is great for sampling places, but I find that if you really want to explore it’s better to do it when you can be on your own schedule. Next time I’ll allow more than overnight for any destination. 🙂

  • Katie Featherstone

    I’ve love to explore Tasmania! It sounds so wild and beautiful. Incredible photos!

    • Tasmania is incredible!! I really, really enjoyed my weekend there. It simply wasn’t long enough – would love to go back one day and do more exploring! 🙂

  • I’d love to explore Bordeaux and the rest of the region 🙂

    • Bordeaux was amazing! I loved the walkability of the city there, and all the pedestrian friendly streets and squares. And, of course, wine country! 😉