Awakening: New Zealand

AWAKENING | NEW ZEALAND 4K from Martin Heck | Timestorm Films on Vimeo.

If you’re reading this, I’m waking up in New Zealand. After all that time waiting, and a ridiculously long flight, I am in Auckland. For those of you who have been following along awhile, you know I’ve been talking about this for months. And now, it’s finally here. For those of you stopping by for the first time, stay tuned. We’ve got 12 months ahead of us to be filled with new places, new people, and new adventures. All set to the stunning background of one of the world’s most beautiful countries. Strap in folks, it’s going to be the start of something spectacular.

  • So excited to see how your journey unfolds! I spent some time in Auckland as a kid and loved it – it was just so different and wonderful to look up and see the Southern Cross hanging out overhead!

    • Thank you!! Auckland is amazing – soooo beautiful. It still hasn’t quite sunk in that I’m here. At the moment I have absolutely no idea what to expect, or how things will unfold, but I’m sure it will be the adventure of a lifetime! 🙂

  • Enjoy Auckland! We did, when we visited NZ a few years ago. And make sure you head north to the Bay of Islands :-).

    • Thank you!! Auckland is fantastic so far – so beautiful. I’ve got about four weeks here, then I’m thinking of heading over to Coromandel and its outdoor activities. Want to sample as much as I can while I’m here! 🙂

  • Still sooooo jealous!! That looks absolutely breathtaking. I’m so excited to at least get to live vicariously through you on this adventure. 🙂

    • Thanks Mandie!! I’ve been in Auckland for a week now, and I confess I’m itching to get out of the city and explore! Next week’s agenda for sure. 😉