Farmer’s Table Delights in Boca Raton

It’s all about freshness here.

The Farmer’s Table in Boca Raton has set the bar for farm-to-table in a chic, stylish setting. One that is especially appreciated by those of us looking for a respite from I-95 rush-hour traffic during a thunderstorm.

My sister and I were returning north after an afternoon spent in Fort Lauderdale. We dawdled, enjoying Las Olas Boulevard and delaying the hour-and-a-half trek back to our hometown until the most inopportune time.

“This place looks good,” my sister said, staring at the Google Maps app on her phone. She rattled a few items off the menu and we committed ourselves to the idea of having dinner while waiting out the worst of the traffic.

That decision goes on the record book as one of our finer ideas that day.

farmers table

The first thing you’ll notice is the stunning interior. Given my design background, the rustic reclaimed wood had me salivating nearly as much as the menu item descriptions. The materials palette consciously transports you to a beautiful, farm-like atmosphere, setting the scene for the main attraction: the food.

farmers table

Maybe their own words sum it up best:

“Our commitment to fresh, honest food begins with sourcing exceptionally clean ingredients from the best local farms so we know exactly where and how everything is produced.”

– the Farmer’s Table philosophy

They call their cooking “feel good food,” with an emphasis on quality dishes that not only contribute to overall wellness but also support local farmers and businesses. Owners Mitchell B. Robbins and Joseph Giannuzzi have joined forces with executive chef Wilson Wieggel to offer consciously-minded cuisine designed to nourish on all fronts. And they have a real winner here.

farmers table

farmers table

I eased my traffic-frazzled nerves with a Marber Martini,  made of Grey Goose vodka, elderflower liqueur, Royal Rose Lavender-Lemon syrup and honey. Rush hour… what rush hour? I was already transported far, far away…

I then further warmed by belly with the Buddha Bowl, pictured just above. This Asian-style soup bowl consisted of stir-fry vegetables, udon noodles, gingered egg and your choice of chicken, shrimp or spiced tofu. I went for the shrimp variety. My sister opted for a flatbread. Both were delicious.

farmers table

We were some of the first to snag a table for dinner that night, other patrons no doubt trying to navigate their own traffic snarl to reach their destination. By the time I twirled my last noodle the dining room had begun to fill up, and the space was alive with the pleasant din of the afterwork crowd enjoying their aperitifs. The vibe was upbeat and festive, in spite of the weather and it being early on a Monday night. Obviously this place is a crowd favorite among the local community.

farmers table

We finished our meal in a considerably better mindset than when we had started. Great places can do that – they lift the spirits and leave you in such a state of satiated satisfaction that you forget there is another world outside the doors. It’s a total sensory experience.

The Farmer’s Table is located right next to the Wyndham Hotel, near the Town Center at Boca Raton off Military Trail. Their menus offer breakfast and brunch, lunch, dinner, take-out and catering. Special group events can be hosted in either the private Event Center ballroom (which is gorgeous!) or the Arbor, an outdoor terrace also open for regular dining.

I may not have known this place before, but I certainly plan on making regular stops there from now on. And to think, if we hadn’t been battling the rainy South Florida traffic, we would have whizzed right by.

Every storm cloud really does have its own silver lining.

{Images by Gyorgy Papp/ Papp Photography}

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  • Yum! Sounds so good. I may have to detour to Boca Raton next time in in South Florida just to eat here.

    • That’s exactly what we did, and it was so worth the stop! I’m seriously devising plans so that I can “pass by” Boca more often! lol

  • That food looks soooo amazing. There’s something about all the color, and use of herbs… plays to all the senses!

    • It tasted amazing!! It was so fresh, and they obviously put a lot of thought and care into their combinations and techniques. So delicious!