YOLO on Las Olas

“Oh, you live right near YOLO then,” my friend said.

I was describing the location of my new apartment, tucked right on the New River in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

“As in, you only live once?” I asked. I wasn’t sure what to think. On one hand, it brings to mind hordes of millennials, drinks in hand and behaving wildly while using the phrase to justify their actions. On the other hand, it’s rumored to be one of the hottest restaurants and bars on the swanky side of Las Olas Boulevard.

I was intrigued, to say the least.

yolo las olas

My first visit to YOLO was for their popular weekend brunch. A group of us went down for a Sunday to move the first load of clothes into my new place. Naturally, we’d need to fuel up for such a venture.

The place was packed. We squeezed our way to the only three seats left at the bar and started chatting with the bartender. She handed us menus and informed us that they have bottomless mimosas and bloody marys for a whopping price of $15.

What?! All-you-can-drink champagne for less than $20?! Oh yeah, and some orange juice. I already approved of this place!

Our bartender plopped down our own ice bucket with a bottle of champagne, and we prepared to settle in for a spell.

yolo las olas

The Sunday brunch menu is a mix of the usual lunch offerings and breakfast offerings. We started with the grilled artichokes with lemon aioli dipping sauce – delicious. We rounded off our brunch with a YOLO burger, prime rib sandwich and smoked pork hash. And more mimosas, naturally.

The second time I popped into YOLO was for lunch. I like to mix up my work space by frequenting local cafes, and the outdoor space at YOLO looked like just the ticket. I wasn’t disappointed.

yolo las olas

yolo las olas

YOLO has quickly become one of my go-to spots in the city. When my parents came down for brunch the weekend after I moved in, I took them here. We tried the brioche french toast this time (to die for!) along with cinnamon buns, quiche Lorraine and eggs Benedict florentine. When I want to get out of my apartment and enjoy some fresh air, I go to YOLO. The Caesar salad has become a lunch favorite of mine. I sit back and enjoy the atmosphere – a mix of business lunches, friends meeting and out-of-towners giving it a go – and let the time pass by.

yolo las olas

yolo las olas

I have yet to try YOLO on a busy weekend night, but I’m okay avoiding the crowds.  The dinner menu items do look amazing though, so I might just have to venture out for an after-dark excursion one of these evenings. For how I’ll let it remain one of my favorite mid-day escapes.

One that, fortunately, I’m able to experience more than once.

{Images courtesy of Susan Penrod PR}

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  • bottomless bloodies?! Gah, England just does NOT do brunch like America!

    • Haha we do like our drink specials here!! Brunch is like an institution… and Fort Lauderdale never wants to run out of booze! lol

  • Looks like it has great atmosphere and that Eggs Benedict looks phenomenal. Bottomless mimosas just seals the deal!

    • I’ve been quite a few times now and tried a variety of things on the menu – all good!! Great atmosphere too. So glad it’s only about a 10 minute walk from my place! 😉

  • Jennifer R. Mullin

    Are you really in Ft. Laud now?? I’m down in May. Maybe we can meet up? Those mimosas look awfully good…

    • I am!! And I will be here in May (going to Europe for a bit next week, but get back May 1). When do you arrive? We should definitely plan something – would love to meet you in person finally!! lol