Riding the Waves of Change

waves of change

Well hello there, readers. It’s been quiet around here lately, as you may have noticed. Quiet, but not abandoned. Nor forgotten.

Since April 2013, Créatrice Mondial has been my personal space to explore and experiment. It’s started as a design blog, then a travel blog, then a travel blog business. It’s changed looks and function and design, and now, it’s about to change again.

As of July, life as I knew it for ages changed dramatically. I turned in the freedom of the freelance schedule, and swapped it in for full-time office life. In a world where so many are striving to make it as a nomadic entrepreneur, I did the opposite. Why? Well, let’s just say that when the perfect opportunity presents itself, you book that ticket.

In July I took a position as the creative director for a luxury travel company in Miami. If ever there was a job that was made just for me, this would be it. It’s busy, it’s hectic, and it currently involves a rather lengthy commute from Fort Lauderdale each day, but it’s fantastic. Every day, I get to combine my creative skills with my passion for jaunting around the world, and work with a team just as hooked on travel as I am.

And, naturally, my schedule has changed. So has the amount of time I have available to tend to other projects, such as this blog. I’m not giving it up completely – it’s become an integral part of my identity in the digital sphere. But I am altering my approach to blogging, and how best to tend to and nurture the Global Creator community.

Créatrice Mondial has its roots as a personal blog, and I’m feeling the urge to head back in that direction. To use this space to share more of my thoughts, and more glimpses into my own experiences that perhaps a reader may find interesting. In short, a more reflective blog, and a place I can use as a creative outlet on whatever happens to be in my head at the time.

Some things are meant to last forever, and some things are meant to morph as they age. That’s learning to ride the waves with grace, as adaptation is never failure.

And I hope some of you will stick around for this next phase in the journey.

  • It’s been exciting to see your brand change with you. Looking forward to see the next chapter. Just don’t forget to share that travel inspo on Instagram!

    • Thank you Jess!! I’m so excited for the next phase in this life/career process – and I’m hoping that by taking the focus off the business of blogging then I’ll be able to recapture it being just a fun, creative way to connect with more like-minded people! And of course the Instagram isn’t going anywhere (once I find time to actually take some photos… lol)!!

  • I don’t think you could have found a more perfectly suited job! Looking forward to seeing what the next evolution will be around here!

    • Thank you Kristin!! I was inspired by your own decision to switch blogs. 😉 I definitely believe that when things feel like they’ve fun their course, there’s nothing wrong with picking up somewhere new. Life is an evolutionary process after all! 🙂

  • Congrats on the job, that does sound completely perfect! Glad you’ll still be sticking around 🙂

    • Thanks Dannielle!! I’m certainly trying to! Have another project up my sleeve as well that I’m getting ready to announce soon, so that is also taking up a bit of time. Hope all is well with you! 🙂

  • Marcy O’Neil

    Hey Amy – following up on our IG convo – which took me to your blog. Sounds like we’ve got some similarities. I’ve also spent time living in Australia and England, but spent much of my last ten years traveling to (and living in) West Africa. I left advertising to become an anthropologist, so can relate to going where life leads you. 🙂

    • Hi Marcy! Thanks for stopping by here! 🙂 That’s so amazing that there are such similarities in our stories… and I love that you are spending so much time in West Africa! My sister was an anthropology major and spend some time working on a combine in Peru one summer – I loved of the physical aspect of that sort of work, and the fact that you’re outside living in 3D. I would imagine that field would be fascinating where you are, and good on you for following your dream to a new career! 🙂

  • I’m a little late to the game with my comment but I just came across your blog (it’s been sitting in my “to check out” bookmarks for a while!) and it always make me happy to hear someone wanting to move their blog back to a more lifestyle/everyday kind of thing. I love those kinds of blogs, the stories and the pictures that come along with everyday life and our everyday reflections.

    It gives you something to get your teeth into and something to really comment on and build a friendship on. Well, for me it does, I guess I could be completely off the mark haha 🙂

    I look forward to your next post! And congrats on the job too! I have to admit, I want nothing more in life but to travel, but at the same time, I don’t know if I’m feeling the whole travel non-stop and never live in places. I like having a base or a home to travel from 🙂

    ~ K

    • Hi Kerri! So glad you stopped by the blog! I can completely relate to putting bookmarks in a “must read soon” file… I do that all the time!

      And I completely agree with you about having some meat to sink your teeth into on personal blogs. They can be such a fantastic way to meet new friends and connect with other likeminded people, even more so if you’re actually contributing something of substance to the noise.

      There is a struggle between the desire to be out traveling all the time and the need to have some roots somewhere, and for me it took some experimentation to really figure out what worked best for me. But how fortunate are we to have the the ability to make that decisions for ourselves! 🙂